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English Tenses oleh Selamat Riyadi

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English Tenses-Cara Mudah Belajar Tenses is a light book on English Tenses to help language learners get ideas on English Tenses, their functions, and appropriate contexts in which they can be applied. It is a light book in the sense that most English learners fi nd English Tenses not easy to grasp. This book lightens the complexity and pressure in learning English Tenses by describing things in a simple but profound way.

English learners will also get involved in integrated learning to enhance their language skills. They will apply their understanding in language skill activities (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). This way the book help them work on both cognitive and pro ciency levels. The nature of this book is also to bring joy in learning since joy help learners to feel free in expressing themselves in the language they are learning.
Detail Buku:
Title: English Tenses
Author: Selamat Riyadi
Publisher: Kanisius - 2014
ISBN: 978-979-21-4201-3
Page: 129
File Size: 963Kb